Caleb's Prayer

This morning in Men's Fraternity we were presented with Caleb's Prayer.  This prayer is based on the biblical character Caleb and his experiences as a faithful and courageous servant of God.  I hope you are blessed by this:

1. Make me a leader among your people (Numbers 10:1).

2. Make me willing to stand for truth, even when outnumbered (Numbers 13-14).

3. Grant me a courageous confidence in you and your promises (Numbers 13:30).

4. Help me refuse to see life through the eyes of men (Numbers 14:30-33).

5. Cause me to grieve for the sins of my followers and intercede for them (Numbers 14:5-6).

6. Teach me to know your presence which brings boldness and direction (Numbers 14:5-10).

7. Place within me a different spirit (Numbers 14:24).

8. Keep me from being fearful of the giants in my way (Joshua 14:1-12).

9. Cultivate within me a fresher and fresher faith as I grow older (Joshua 14).

10. Give me the guts to pray..."Give me the land" (Numbers 13:30) or "Give me the high ground" (Joshua 14:11-12).