Revelation Sermon Series

This coming Sunday (September 15), I will be starting a 9-week sermon series on the book of Revelation. I am so excited about preaching this series because I think it has the potential to have a huge impact on our congregation. And it's not because of anything I will do; it's because the message of Revelation is one of the most encouraging, challenging, vision-producing books in the Bible. Alameda needs to reimagine what it looks like for us to follow Jesus in our time, and Revelation will help us do just that.

I want you to be totally invested in this series of sermons so I am publishing the series outline and the resources that have been helpful to me in the development of this series. I hope you will read along in Revelation so that your heart and mind will be prepared to hear the messages in this series. (Reminder: I did a 7-week series on Revelation 2-3 called "Dear Church" earlier this year, so I won't be covering those chapters in this series. Go to the sermon link on this website to view those past sermons.)

September 15 - "What is This?" (Revelation 1:1-3)

September 22 - "The Throne Above All Thrones" (Revelation 4)

September 29 - "The Slaughtered Lamb" (Revelation 5)

October 6 - "The Ultimate Failure of Evil" (Revelation 6-11)

October 13 - "666" (Revelation 12-13)

October 20 - "The War to End All Wars" (Revelation 14-20)

October 27 - "Heaven on Earth" (Revelation 21)

November 3 - "Living in Victory" (Revelation 22)

November 10 - "A Worship Experience" (Conclusion of Series)

Helpful Resources for Further Reading & Study: "Reading Revelation Responsibly" by Michael J. Gorman; "The Theology of the Book of Revelation" by Richard Bauckham; "A Slaughtered Lamb: Revelation and the Apocalyptic Response to Evil and Suffering" by Gregory Stevenson; "Surprised by Hope" by N.T. Wright